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L-devices(5)							  L-devices(5)

       L-devices - devices used to connect to remote systems


       The  utility  uses  the	L-devices file.	 The file contains information
       about call units and direct connections.	 It is used to map  specifiers
       in the file to specific devices.

       The  format of each entry, with each field separated by blanks or tabs,

		 type line call-unit speed brand proto

       type   A device type, such as ACU or DIR.  DIR indicates that this is a
	      direct-connect, hard-wired line.

       line   The  device  for	the  modem line or hard-wired line as named in
	      such as cul0 or ttyab.  The special device files are assumed  to
	      be in the directory.

	      The automatic call unit associated with line, for example, cua0.
	      Hard-wired lines should place the device for the	line  in  this
	      field,  for  example, ttyab.  The value for call-unit is usually
	      the same as the value for line.

       speed  The line speed.

       brand  The brand name of the modem or ACU.  Acceptable brands are DF02,
	      DF03,  or	 DF112 (for DIGITAL modems), Ventel, Hayes, and Vadic.
	      For direct connection, place the word direct in this field.

       proto  The preferred protocol type to use, for example, or

       Here are some typical L-devices entries:
       ACU cua0 cua0 300 DF02
       ACU cua1 cua1 1200 DF03
       ACU cua2 cua2 1200 DF112
       DIR ttyab ttyab 9600 direct

See Also
       Guide to the uucp Utility


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