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L.cmds(5)							     L.cmds(5)

       L.cmds - allowable remote execution commands


       The  utility  uses the file to determine which commands can be executed
       by remote systems with the command.  The utility	 first	looks  in  the
       file  to	 find the execution level defined there for the remote system.
       Then, looks in the file.	 The remote system  can	 execute  any  command
       whose execution level as defined in is less than or equal to the execu‐
       tion level for the system as defined in The format of the file is:

		 command X#

	      An ULTRIX system command or application program.

       X#     The execution level associated with command.  The number	#  can
	      range  from  0  through 9.  If the X field is omitted, then 9 is
	      the default.  If X is specified but # is omitted, then 0 is  the
	      default, enabling any system to use this command.

       You  can	 also  specify	a line in the file to define the paths used to
       search for commands:


       path1  The first directory examined for commands.

       path2  The second directory examined for commands.

       This example allows remote systems defined in the local	system's  with
       an  execution  level  of	 1 or higher to execute the commands rmail and
       rnews.  Only remote systems with an execution level of 9 would be  able
       to execute
       rmail X1
       rnews X1
       uux X9

See Also
       USERFILE(5), uux(1c)
       Guide to the uucp Utility


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