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MAKEDEV(8)							    MAKEDEV(8)

       MAKEDEV - makes system special files

       /dev/MAKEDEV device-name?...

       The  shell script is normally used to install special files. It resides
       in the directory, the normal location of special files.	 Arguments  to
       are  usually  of the form device-name?  where device-name is one of the
       supported devices listed in Section 4 of the ULTRIX Reference Pages and
       ?  is  a	 logical unit number.  A few special arguments create assorted
       collections of devices and are listed below.

       boot*   Creates all boot* and standard devices for a specific cpu type,
	       for example, "boot8800".

       mvax*   Creates	MicroVAX  specific  devices. This is superseded by the
	       boot argument.

	       Creates a VAXstation 2200 specific setup.  This	is  superseded
	       by the boot argument.

       std     Creates all standard devices for all systems.

       local   Creates those devices specific to the local site.  This request
	       causes the shell file to be executed.  Site specific  commands,
	       such  as	 those	used to setup dialup lines as ttyd?, should be
	       included in this file.

       Since all devices are created using this shell script is useful only to
       the superuser.

       Either  self-explanatory,  or  generated	 by one of the programs called
       from the script.	 Use in case of trouble.

See Also
       intro(4), config(8), mknod(8)

4th Berkeley Distribution	      VAX			    MAKEDEV(8)

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