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SDL_AudioCVT(3)		       SDL API Reference	       SDL_AudioCVT(3)

       SDL_AudioCVT - Audio Conversion Structure

       typedef struct{
	 int needed;
	 Uint16 src_format;
	 Uint16 dest_format;
	 double rate_incr;
	 Uint8 *buf;
	 int len;
	 int len_cvt;
	 int len_mult;
	 double len_ratio;
	 void (*filters[10])(struct SDL_AudioCVT *cvt, Uint16 format);
	 int filter_index;
       } SDL_AudioCVT;

       needed		   Set to one if the conversion is possible

       src_format	   Audio format of the source

       dest_format	   Audio format of the destination

       rate_incr	   Rate conversion increment

       buf		   Audio buffer

       len		   Length of the original audio buffer in bytes

       len_cvt		   Length  of  converted audio buffer in bytes (calcu‐

       len_mult		   buf must be len*len_mult bytes in size(calculated)

       len_ratio	   Final audio size is len*len_ratio

       filters[10](..)	   Pointers to functions needed for this conversion

       filter_index	   Current conversion function

       The SDL_AudioCVT is used to convert audio data between  different  for‐
       mats.  A	 SDL_AudioCVT  structure is created with the SDL_BuildAudioCVT
       function, while the actual conversion is done by	 the  SDL_ConvertAudio

       Many  of	 the fields in the SDL_AudioCVT structure should be considered
       private and their function will not be discussed here.

       Uint8 *buf

       int len

       int len_mult

       double len_ratio

       SDL_BuildAudioCVT, SDL_ConvertAudio, SDL_AudioSpec

SDL			    Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:58	       SDL_AudioCVT(3)

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