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       SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx - get ex_data index to access SSL
       structure from X509_STORE_CTX

	#include <openssl/ssl.h>

	int SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx(void);

       SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx() returns the index number under
       which the pointer to the SSL object is stored into the X509_STORE_CTX

       Whenever a X509_STORE_CTX object is created for the verification of the
       peers certificate during a handshake, a pointer to the SSL object is
       stored into the X509_STORE_CTX object to identify the connection
       affected.  To retrieve this pointer the X509_STORE_CTX_get_ex_data()
       function can be used with the correct index. This index is globally the
       same for all X509_STORE_CTX objects and can be retrieved using
       SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx(). The index value is set when
       SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx() is first called either by the
       application program directly or indirectly during other SSL setup func‐
       tions or during the handshake.

       The value depends on other index values defined for X509_STORE_CTX
       objects before the SSL index is created.

       >=0 The index value to access the pointer.

       <0  An error occurred, check the error stack for a detailed error mes‐

       The index returned from SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx() allows to
       access the SSL object for the connection to be accessed during the ver‐
       ify_callback() when checking the peers certificate. Please check the
       example in SSL_CTX_set_verify(3),

       ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_verify(3), CRYPTO_set_ex_data(3)

0.9.7d				  2002-04SSL_get_ex_data_X509_STORE_CTX_idx(3)

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