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       _TIFFmalloc,   _TIFFrealloc,   _TIFFfree,   _TIFFmemset,	  _TIFFmemcpy,
       _TIFFmemcmp, - memory management-related functions for  use  with  TIFF

       #include <tiffio.h>

       tdata_t _TIFFmalloc(tsize_t size);
       tdata_t _TIFFrealloc(tdata_t buffer, tsize_t size);
       void _TIFFfree(tdata_t buffer);
       void _TIFFmemset(tdata_t s, int c, tsize_t n);
       void _TIFFmemcpy(tdata_t dest, const tdata_t src, tsize_t n);
       int _TIFFmemcmp(const tdata_t s1, const tdata_t s2, tsize_t n);

       These  routines	are  provided  for writing portable software that uses
       libtiff; they hide any memory-management related issues, such as	 deal‐
       ing with segmented architectures found on 16-bit machines.

       _TIFFmalloc and _TIFFrealloc are used to dynamically allocate and real‐
       locate memory used by libtiff; such as memory passed into the I/O  rou‐
       tines.  Memory  allocated  through these interfaces is released back to
       the system using the _TIFFfree routine.

       Memory allocated through one of the above interfaces can be  set	 to  a
       known  value using _TIFFmemset, copied to another memory location using
       _TIFFmemcpy, or compared for equality using  _TIFFmemcmp.   These  rou‐
       tines  conform  to  the equivalent ANSI C routines: memset, memcpy, and
       memcmp, repsectively.


       malloc(3), memory(3), libtiff(3TIFF)

       Libtiff library home page: http://www.remotesensing.org/libtiff/

libtiff			       October 15, 1995			 MEMORY(3TIFF)

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