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Tcl_AllowExceptions(3)	    Tcl Library Procedures	Tcl_AllowExceptions(3)


       Tcl_AllowExceptions - allow all exceptions in next script evaluation

       #include <tcl.h>


       Tcl_Interp   *interp	 (in)	   Interpreter in which script will be

       If a script is evaluated at top-level (i.e. no other scripts are	 pend‐
       ing  evaluation	when  the script is invoked), and if the script termi‐
       nates  with  a  completion  code	 other	than  TCL_OK,	TCL_ERROR   or
       TCL_RETURN,  then  Tcl  normally	 converts this into a TCL_ERROR return
       with an appropriate message.  The particular script  evaluation	proce‐
       dures  of  Tcl  that act in the manner are Tcl_EvalObjEx, Tcl_EvalObjv,
       Tcl_Eval, Tcl_EvalEx,  Tcl_GlobalEval,  Tcl_GlobalEvalObj,  Tcl_VarEval
       and Tcl_VarEvalVA.

       However,	 if  Tcl_AllowExceptions is invoked immediately before calling
       one of those a procedures, then arbitrary completion codes are  permit‐
       ted  from the script, and they are returned without modification.  This
       is useful in cases where the caller can deal with  exceptions  such  as
       TCL_BREAK or TCL_CONTINUE in a meaningful way.

       continue, break, exception, interpreter

Tcl				      7.4		Tcl_AllowExceptions(3)

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