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Tcl_Backslash(3)	    Tcl Library Procedures	      Tcl_Backslash(3)


       Tcl_Backslash - parse a backslash sequence

       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_Backslash(src, countPtr)

       char   *src	  (in)	    Pointer  to a string starting with a back‐

       int    *countPtr	  (out)	    If countPtr	 isn't	NULL,  *countPtr  gets
				    filled in with number of characters in the
				    backslash sequence,	 including  the	 back‐
				    slash character.

       The use of Tcl_Backslash is deprecated in favor of Tcl_UtfBackslash.    │

       This  is	 a utility procedure provided for backwards compatibility with │
       non-internationalized Tcl extensions.  It parses a  backslash  sequence │
       and  returns the low byte of the Unicode character corresponding to the │
       sequence.  Tcl_Backslash modifies *countPtr to contain  the  number  of
       characters in the backslash sequence.

       See  the	 Tcl  manual  entry  for  information  on  the valid backslash
       sequences.  All of the sequences described in the Tcl manual entry  are
       supported by Tcl_Backslash.

SEE ALSOTcl(n), Tcl_UtfBackslash(3)

       backslash, parse

Tcl				      8.1		      Tcl_Backslash(3)

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