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XChangePointerControl(3)	XLIB FUNCTIONS	      XChangePointerControl(3)

       XChangePointerControl, XGetPointerControl - control pointer

       int XChangePointerControl(Display *display, Bool do_accel, Bool
	      do_threshold, int accel_numerator, int accel_denominator, int

       int XGetPointerControl(Display *display, int *accel_numerator_return,
	      int *accel_denominator_return, int *threshold_return);

		 Specifies the denominator for the acceleration multiplier.

		 Returns the denominator for the acceleration multiplier.

		 Specifies the numerator for the acceleration multiplier.

		 Returns the numerator for the acceleration multiplier.

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       do_accel	 Specifies a Boolean value that controls whether the values
		 for the accel_numerator or accel_denominator are used.

		 Specifies a Boolean value that controls whether the value for
		 the threshold is used.

       threshold Specifies the acceleration threshold.

		 Returns the acceleration threshold.

       The XChangePointerControl function defines how the pointing device
       moves.  The acceleration, expressed as a fraction, is a multiplier for
       movement.  For example, specifying 3/1 means the pointer moves three
       times as fast as normal.	 The fraction may be rounded arbitrarily by
       the X server.  Acceleration only takes effect if the pointer moves more
       than threshold pixels at once and only applies to the amount beyond the
       value in the threshold argument.	 Setting a value to -1 restores the
       default.	 The values of the do_accel and do_threshold arguments must be
       True for the pointer values to be set, or the parameters are unchanged.
       Negative values (other than -1) generate a BadValue error, as does a
       zero value for the accel_denominator argument.

       XChangePointerControl can generate a BadValue error.

       The XGetPointerControl function returns the pointer's current accelera‚Äź
       tion multiplier and acceleration threshold.

       BadValue	 Some numeric value falls outside the range of values accepted
		 by the request.  Unless a specific range is specified for an
		 argument, the full range defined by the argument's type is
		 accepted.  Any argument defined as a set of alternatives can
		 generate this error.

       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11 1.3.5	      XChangePointerControl(3)
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