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XcmsConvertColors(3)		XLIB FUNCTIONS		  XcmsConvertColors(3)

       XcmsConvertColors - convert CCC color specifications

       Status XcmsConvertColors(XcmsCCC ccc, XcmsColor colors_in_out[],
	      unsigned int ncolors, XcmsColorFormat target_format, Bool com‐

       ccc	 Specifies the CCC.  If Conversion is between device-indepen‐
		 dent color spaces only (for example, TekHVC to CIELuv), the
		 CCC is necessary only to specify the Client White Point.

		 Specifies an array of color specifications.  Pixel members
		 are ignored and remain unchanged upon return.

		 Returns an array of Boolean values indicating compression
		 status.  If a non-NULL pointer is supplied, each element of
		 the array is set to True if the corresponding color was com‐
		 pressed and False otherwise.  Pass NULL if the compression
		 status is not useful.

       ncolors	 Specifies the number of XcmsColor structures in the color-
		 specification array.

		 Specifies the target color specification format.

       The XcmsConvertColors function converts the color specifications in the
       specified array of XcmsColor structures from their current format to a
       single target format, using the specified CCC.  When the return value
       is XcmsFailure, the contents of the color specification array are left

       The array may contain a mixture of color specification formats (for
       example, 3 CIE XYZ, 2 CIE Luv, and so on).  When the array contains
       both device-independent and device-dependent color specifications and
       the target_format argument specifies a device-dependent format (for
       example, XcmsRGBiFormat, XcmsRGBFormat), all specifications are con‐
       verted to CIE XYZ format and then to the target device-dependent for‐

       DisplayOfCCC(3), XcmsCCCOfColormap(3), XcmsCreateCCC(3), XcmsDefault‐
       CCC(3), XcmsSetWhitePoint(3)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11 1.6.0		  XcmsConvertColors(3)

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