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XtNameToWidget()					      XtNameToWidget()

  XtNameToWidget - find a named widget.

  Widget XtNameToWidget(reference, names);
	 Widget reference;
	 String names;

  reference Specifies the widget from which the search is to start.  Must
	    be of class Core or any subclass.

  names	    Specifies the partially qualified name of the desired widget.

  A child of reference that matches names.

  XtNameToWidget() returns a descendant of  the	 reference  widget  whose
  name	matches the specified names.  The names argument specifies a sim‐
  ple object name or a series of simple object name components	separated
  by periods or asterisks.  Asterisks have the same meaning to this func‐
  tion as they do in a resource file.

  The "Algorithm" section below explains the  procedure	 XtNameToWidget()
  uses to find the named child.

  If  you want to look up an immediate child of a widget, simply pass the
  widget and the child's unqualified name.   If	 you  need  to	lookup	a
  descendant,  you can provide a fully qualified name to that descendant,
  or if you don't know the full name, or if you don't even know how  many
  levels  removed  that descendant is, you can use an asterisk before the

  Note that if there is more than one child with the specified	name,  it
  is undefined which will be returned.

  You  can  use	 XtNameToWidget() to hide the details of a user interface
  and for modular programming.	If module A creates  an	 interface  which
  contains  a  text  widget, and module B need to get the contents of the
  text widget, module A could export the text widget in	 a  global  vari‐
  able, or instead, it could simply define the name of the text widget as
  part of the module definition.  Then module  B,  or  any  other  module
  could	 look  up  that	 widget	 with XtNameToWidget() when it is needed.
  Because XtNameToWidget() supports  wildcarding,  module  A  can  freely
  change  the  details	of the widget hierarchy it creates as long as the
  name of the text widget remains unique.

  XtNameToWidget() returns the descendant with	the  shortest  name  that
  matches the specification according to the following rules (where child
  is either a popup child or a normal child if the widget is  a	 subclass
  of Composite):

  ·  Enumerate	the object subtree rooted at reference widget in breadth-
     first order, qualifying the name of each object with  the	names  of
     all  its  ancestors up to but not including reference.  The ordering
     between children of a common parent is not defined.

  ·  Return the first object in the enumeration that matches  the  speci‐
     fied names, where each component of names matches exactly the corre‐
     sponding component of the qualified  object  name	and  an	 asterisk
     matches any series of components, including none.

  ·  If no match is found, return NULL.

  Since	 breadth-first	traversal  is  specified, the descendant with the
  shortest matching name (i.e., the fewest number of components), if any,
  will	always	be  returned.  However, since the order of enumeration of
  children is undefined and since the Intrinsics do not require that  all
  children of a widget have unique names, XtNameToWidget() may return any
  child that matches if there are multiple objects in  the  subtree  with
  the  same  name(s).  Consecutive separators (periods or asterisks) that
  contain at least one asterisk are treated as a single	 asterisk.   Con‐
  secutive periods are treated as a single period.

See Also
  XtCreateWidget(1), XtName(1).

Xt - Object Information					      XtNameToWidget()

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