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XmbDrawText(3)			XLIB FUNCTIONS			XmbDrawText(3)

       XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText, Xutf8DrawText - draw text using multiple font

       void XmbDrawText(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x, int y,
	      XmbTextItem *items, int nitems);

       void XwcDrawText(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x, int y,
	      XwcTextItem *items, int nitems);

       void Xutf8DrawText(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x, int y,
	      XmbTextItem *items, int nitems);

       d	 Specifies the drawable.

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       gc	 Specifies the GC.

       items	 Specifies an array of text items.

       nitems	 Specifies the number of text items in the array.

       y	 Specify the x and y coordinates.

       The XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText and Xutf8DrawText functions allow complex
       spacing and font set shifts between text strings.  Each text item is
       processed in turn, with the origin of a text element advanced in the
       primary draw direction by the escapement of the previous text item.  A
       text item delta specifies an additional escapement of the text item
       drawing origin in the primary draw direction.  A font_set member other
       than None in an item causes the font set to be used for this and subse‐
       quent text items in the text_items list.	 Leading text items with a
       font_set member set to None will not be drawn.

       XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText and Xutf8DrawText do not perform any context-
       dependent rendering between text segments.  Clients may compute the
       drawing metrics by passing each text segment to XmbTextExtents, XwcTex‐
       tExtents, Xutf8TextExtents or XmbTextPerCharExtents, XwcTextPerCharEx‐
       tents.  Xutf8TextPerCharExtents.	 When the XFontSet has missing
       charsets, each unavailable character is drawn with the default string
       returned by XCreateFontSet.  The behavior for an invalid codepoint is

       The function Xutf8DrawText is an extension introduced by The XFree86
       Project, Inc. in their 4.0.2 release. Its presence is indicated by the
       macro X_HAVE_UTF8_STRING.

       The XmbTextItem structure contains:
       typedef struct {
	    char *chars;	/* pointer to string */
	    int nchars;		/* number of bytes */
	    int delta;		/* pixel delta between strings */
	    XFontSet font_set;	/* fonts, None means don't change */
       } XmbTextItem;
The XwcTextItem structure contains:
typedef struct {
     wchar_t *chars;	 /* pointer to wide char string */
     int nchars;	 /* number of wide characters */
     int delta;		 /* pixel delta between strings */
     XFontSet font_set;	 /* fonts, None means don't change */
} XwcTextItem;

       XDrawImageString(3), XDrawString(3), XDrawText(3), XmbDrawIm‐
       ageString(3), XmbDrawString(3)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11 1.3.5			XmbDrawText(3)
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