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acctcon(1M)							   acctcon(1M)

       acctcon, acctcon1, acctcon2 - connect-time accounting



       The  command  converts a sequence of login/logoff records read from its
       standard input to a sequence of records, one per	 login	session.   Its
       input should normally be redirected from or Its output is ASCII, giving
       device, user ID, login name, prime connect  time	 (seconds),  non-prime
       connect	time  (seconds), session starting time (numeric), and starting
       date and time.  Prime connect time  is  defined	as  the	 connect  time
       within a specific prime period on a non-holiday weekday (Monday through
       Friday).	 The starting and ending time of  the  prime  period  and  the
       year's holidays are defined in file

       expects	as  input a sequence of login session records, produced by and
       converts them into total accounting records (see format in acct(4)).

       combines the functionality of and into one program.  It takes the  same
       input format as and writes the same output as

       recognizes the following options:

	      Print input only, showing line name, login name,
			     and time (in both numeric and date/time formats).

	      maintains a list of lines on which users are logged in.
			     When  it reaches the end of its input, it emits a
			     session record for each line that	still  appears
			     to be active.  It normally assumes that its input
			     is a current file, so that it  uses  the  current
			     time as the ending time for each session still in
			     progress.	The flag causes it  to	use,  instead,
			     the  last	time found in its input, thus ensuring
			     reasonable and repeatable numbers for non-current

       and recognize the following options:

	      file	     is	 created  to  contain  a summary of line usage
			     showing line name, number of minutes  used,  per‐
			     centage  of  total	 elapsed  time used, number of
			     sessions charged, number of logins, and number of
			     logoffs.  This file helps track line usage, iden‐
			     tify bad lines, and find  software	 and  hardware
			     oddities.	   Hang-up,    termination   of	  (see
			     login(1)), and termination	 of  the  login	 shell
			     each  generate logoff records, so that the number
			     of logoffs is often three to four times the  num‐
			     ber of sessions.  See init(1M) and utmp(4).

	      file	     is filled with an overall record for the account‐
			     ing period, giving starting  time,	 ending	 time,
			     number of reboots, and number of date changes.

	      When this option is used, the records of the type found in
			     are read from the specified input.

       These  commands are typically used as shown below.  The file is created
       only for the use of commands described by the acctprc(1M) manual entry:


       With option:


       The file can be either or a file containing records of the  type	 found

       The line usage report is confused by date changes.  Use (see fwtmp(1M))
       to correct this situation.

       login(1),  acct(1M),  acctcms(1M),  acctcom(1M),	 acctmerg(1M),	 acct‐
       prc(1M),	  acctsh(1M),  fwtmp(1M),  init(1M),  utmpd(1M),  runacct(1M),
       acct(2), getbwent(3C), acct(4), utmp(4).


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