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aio_suspend(2)							aio_suspend(2)

       aio_suspend() - wait for an asynchronous I/O operation to complete


       The  function suspends the calling process or thread until at least one
       of the asynchronous I/O operations initiated with one of	 the  pointers
       contained  in  has  completed,  or a signal interrupts the function, or
       timeout is not and the time interval specified by timeout has passed.

       Multiple threads may issue simultaneous calls  to  referencing  one  or
       more in common.

       To use this function, link in the realtime library by specifying on the
       compiler or linker command line.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
			     Either there were no in or at least  one  of  the
			     asynchronous  I/O operations enqueued for an ref‐
			     erenced by has completed.	The completion	status
			     of	 the  referenced  asynchronous	I/O operations
			     must be determined using and for each relevant

	      Failure.	     The process thread is not suspended and is set to
			     indicate the error.

       If  any	of  the indicated asynchronous I/O operations has already com‐
       pleted at the time of the call to then returns immediately.   If	 is  0
       (zero),	the  immediately returns success.  Any in is silently ignored.
       If all of the in are the immediately returns success.

       If detects one of the following error conditions, is set to  the	 indi‐
       cated value:

	      [EAGAIN]	     System-wide  or  per-process  resources  were not
			     available to process the request.

	      [EAGAIN]	     The time interval specified in the referenced  by
			     timeout passed before any of the asynchronous I/O
			     operations enqueued for one of the entries refer‐
			     enced in completed.

	      [EINVAL]	     The   value  of  the  argument  was  negative  or
			     exceeded the maximum value allowed.  The  maximum
			     value allowed can be obtained using the call with
			     the argument

	      [EINVAL]	     One or more of the pointers in does not  identify
			     an	 asynchronous operation enqueued by or and for
			     which has not yet been called.  pointers  associ‐
			     ated with will yield this error.

	      [EINTR]	     A	signal	was delivered to the process while was
			     waiting.  Completion of  asynchronous  operations
			     can cause signal delivery.

       aio_cancel(2),  aio_error(2), aio_fsync(2), aio_read(2), aio_return(2),
       aio_write(2), lio_listio(2), pause(2), aio(5).


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