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APM(1)									APM(1)

       apm - interface with the APM subsystem

       apm [ -VvmMsSdin ]

       This  command requires the Advanced Power Management subsystem.	If run
       without arguments it reads /proc/apm  and  presents  the	 output	 in  a
       human-readable format.

       Given  a	 -S  or -s option it requests that the machine be put into the
       APM standby or the  APM	suspend	 state,	 respectively.	 For  a	 brief
       description of these states, see apmd(8).

       -V, --version
	      Print the version of the program and exit.

       -v, --verbose
	      Also  print  version information for the APM subsystem.  The APM
	      subsystem consists of power-management hardware,	firmware  usu‐
	      ally  referred  to as the APM BIOS and a driver in the operating
	      system kernel.

       -m, --minutes
	      Print the time remaining as a number of minutes.	The default is
	      to print the time remaining in "hours:minutes" format.

       -M, --monitor
	      Continuously monitor and update the status information.  Assumes
	      that the standard output is a terminal.

       -S, --standby
	      Request that the machine be put into the APM standby state.

       -s, --suspend
	      Request that the machine be put into the APM suspend state.

       -d, --debug
	      Print APM status information in a format more useful for	debug‐
	      ging.  Implies -v.


       This  program  was  written  by Rik Faith (faith@cs.unc.edu) and may be
       freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General  Public  License.
       There  is  ABSOLUTELY  NO WARRANTY for this program.  The current main‐
       tainer is Avery Pennarun (apenwarr@worldvisions.ca).

       xapm(1), apmd(8).

				 January 2004				APM(1)

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