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APTD(1)				  User manual			       APTD(1)

       aptd - package managing daemon proving a D-Bus interface

       aptd [OPTIONS]

       aptd  allows  to	 perform  package management tasks, e.g. installing or
       removing software, using a D-Bus interface. The privileges are  handled
       by  PolicyKit  so  the  client application doesn't need to run as root.
       Furthermore aptd is started by D-Bus activation only when an user calls
       a method.

       -d, --debug
	      Show additional information on the command line.

       -h, --help
	      Show information about the usage of the command.

       -r, --replace
	      Replace another aptd instance if it is running.

       -p PROFILE_FILE
	      Write  profiling	data  to PROFILE_FILE using Python's profiler.
	      This is only of use to developers.

       -t, --disable-timeout
	      Do not shutdown the daemon after an idle time.

	      Instead of applying the  changes	to  the	 system	 only  show  a
	      progress.	 This  option  is only usable for developers to locate
	      problems in client applications.

	      Adds  a  small  post   update   hook   which   will   emit   the
	      org.debian.apt.CacheChanged  signal on the system D-Bus to indi‐
	      cate that the cache has been changed and a possible running aptd
	      instance should reloade its internal cache.

	      The  PolicyKit  definitions of the privileges used by aptdaemon,
	      e.g. to install packages. To change the privileges please have a
	      look at PolicyKit.conf(1).

	      The D-Bus configuration of the org.debian.apt name space.

       By default aptdaemon logs to the syslog facility AptDaemon. Furthermore
       you can use the -d option to get additional information on the  command


       You   can   report   bugs   at	the   Launchpad	  site	of  aptdaemon:

       Sebastian Heinlein <devel at glatzor dot de>

       aptdcon(1),  org.debian.apt(7),	org.debian.apt.transaction(7),	 Poli‐

aptdaemon			 December 2009			       APTD(1)

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