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     AR(C)		      XENIX System V			 AR(C)

	  ar - Maintains archives and libraries.

	  ar key [ posname ] afile names ...

	  ar maintains groups of files combined into a single XENIX
	  format archive file.	Its main use is to create and update
	  library files as used by the link editor though it can be
	  used for any similar purpose.

	  key is one character from the set drqtpmx, optionally
	  concatenated with one or more of vuaibcln.  afile is the
	  archive file.	 The names are constituent files in the
	  archive file.	 The posname is the name of a constituent
	  file, and is required when certain keys are used.  The
	  meanings of the key characters are:

	  d    Deletes the named files from the archive file.

	  r    Replaces the named files in the archive file.  If the
	       optional character u is used with r, then only those
	       files with modified dates later than the archive files
	       are replaced.  If an optional positioning character
	       from the set abi is used, then the posname argument
	       must be present and specifies that new files are to be
	       placed after (a) or before (b or i) posname.  Otherwise
	       new files are placed at the end.

	  q    Quickly appends the named files to the end of the
	       archive file.  Optional positioning characters are
	       invalid.	 The command does not check whether the added
	       members are already in the archive.  Useful only to
	       avoid quadratic behavior when creating a large archive
	       piece by piece.

	  t    Prints a table of contents of the archive file.	If no
	       names are given, all files in the archive are tabled.
	       If names are given, only those files are tabled.

	  p    Prints the named files in the archive.

	  m    Moves the named files to the end of the archive.	 If a
	       positioning character is present, then the posname
	       argument must be present and, as in r, specifies where
	       the files are to be moved.

	  x    Extracts the named files.  If no names are given, all
	       files in the archive are extracted.  Unless the
	       optional character n is used with x, an extracted
	       file's modification date will be set to the date stored

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     AR(C)		      XENIX System V			 AR(C)

	       in that file's archive header.  In neither case does x
	       alter the archive file.

	  v    Verbose.	 Under the verbose option, ar gives a file-
	       by-file description of the making of a new archive file
	       from the old archive and the constituent files.	When
	       used with t, it gives a long listing of all information
	       about the files.	 When used with x, it precedes each
	       file with a name.

	  c    Create.	Normally ar will create afile when it needs
	       to.  The create option suppresses the normal message
	       that is produced when afile is created.

	  l    Local.  Normally ar places its temporary files in the
	       directory /tmp.	This option causes them to be placed
	       in the local directory.

	  n    New. When used with the key character x it sets the
	       extracted file's modification date to the current date.

	  When ar creates an archive, it always creates the header in
	  XENIX format (see ar(F)).

	  /tmp/v*   Temporary files

     See Also
	  ld(CP), lorder(CP), ar(F)

	  If the same file is mentioned twice in an argument list, it
	  may be put in the archive twice.

	  Failure to process a library with ranlib, or failure to
	  reprocess a library with ranlib, will cause ld to fail.
	  Because generation of a library by ar and randomization by
	  ranlib are separate, phase errors are possible.  The loader
	  ld warns when the modification date of a library is more
	  recent than the creation of its dictionary; but this means
	  you get the warning even if you only copy the library.

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