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ARCH(1)								       ARCH(1)

       arch - display the architecture of the current host

       arch [-k | archname]

       The  arch  utility displays the application architecture of the current
       host system. Due to extensive historical use of	this  command  without
       any  options,  all  SunOS 5.x SPARC based systems will return "sun4" as
       their application architecture. Use of this command is discouraged. See
       NOTES section below.

       Systems	can be broadly classified by their architectures, which define
       what executables will run on which machines. A distinction can be  made
       between kernel architecture and application architecture (or, commonly,
       just "architecture"). Machines that run different kernels due to under‐
       lying hardware differences may be able to run the same application pro‐

	     Displays the kernel architecture, such as	sun4u.	 This  defines
	     which  specific  SunOS  kernel  will  run on the machine, and has
	     implications only for programs that depend on the kernel  explic‐
	     itly (for example, ps(1)).

       The following operand is supported:

		   Use	archname to determine whether the application binaries
		   for this application architecture can run  on  the  current
		   host	 system.  The  archname	 must  be  a valid application
		   architecture, such as sun4, i86pc, and so forth.

		   If application binaries for archname can run on the current
		   host system, TRUE (0) is returned. Otherwise,  FALSE (1) is

       The following exit values are returned:

	     Successful completion.

	     An error occurred.

       mach(1), ps(1), uname(1), attributes(5)

       This command is provided for compatibility with previous	 releases  and
       its  use is discouraged. Instead, the uname command is recommended. See
       uname(1) for usage information.

				 Oct 21, 2002			       ARCH(1)

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