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arp(8c)								       arp(8c)

       arp - address resolution display and control

       arp -a [vmunix] [kmem]
       arp [-d] hostname
       arp -f filename
       arp -s hostname ether_addr [temp] [pub] [trail]

       The  program  displays  and  modifies  the Internet-to-Ethernet address
       translation tables used by the address resolution protocol

       The hostname is the name of the host system for which information  will
       be displayed or modified.

       With no flags, the program displays the current ARP entry for hostname.

       -a   Displays  current  Address	Resolution Protocol (ARP) entries from
	    the specified name list and core files (next arguments).   If  not
	    specified, uses and respectively.

       -d   Deletes the entry for the host specified by name (next argument).

       -f   Reads information from the specified file (next argument) and mod‐
	    ifies entries accordingly.	Entries in the file should be  of  the
	    following form, with argument meanings as given previously:
	    hostname ether_addr [ temp ] [ pub ] [ trail ]

       -s   Creates  an ARP entry for the host called hostname with the Ether‐
	    net address ether_addr.  The Ethernet  address  is	given  as  six
	    hexadecimal	 bytes	separated by colons.  The entry will be perma‐
	    nent unless the word temp is given in the command.	 If  the  word
	    pub	 is  given,  the entry will be published.  That is, the system
	    will act as an ARP server, responding  to  requests	 for  hostname
	    even though the host address is not its own.  The word trail indi‐
	    cates that trailer encapsulations may be sent to this host.

See Also
       arp(4p), ifconfig(8c)


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