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as_ia(1)							      as_ia(1)

       as_ia: as - assembler for Integrity systems

       outfile] [file]

       This  manpage  describes on Integrity systems.  For on PA-RISC systems,
       see as_pa(1).

       assembles the named source file file, or the standard input if file  is
       not  specified.	 The  output  of  the  assembler is an ELF relocatable
       object file that must be processed by before it can be executed.

       Assembler output is stored in file outfile.  If the option is not spec‐
       ified,  the  assembler constructs a default name.  If no source file is
       specified, outfile  will	 be  otherwise	the  suffix  (if  present)  is
       stripped	 from  the name of the source file and is appended to it.  Any
       directory names are removed from the name so that the  object  file  is
       always written to the current directory.

       does  not  not  perform	any macro processing.  Standard C preprocessor
       constructs can be used if the assembler is invoked through the  C  com‐

       recognizes the following options:

       Specify that the source file contains 32-bit ABI targeted code.
		      This  option is overridden by the assembler directive in
		      the source file.	The object file is a 32-bit  ELF  file
		      by default.

       Specify that the source file contains 64-bit ABI targeted code.
		      This  option is overridden by the assembler directive in
		      the source file.	The object file is a 64-bit  ELF  file
		      by default.

       Permit  an unlimited number of errors to be tolerated before the assem‐
		      process is abandoned.  By default,  one  hundred	errors
		      are allowed before the assembler aborts.

       Specify that the object file should be 32-bit ELF.
		      This  is	the default (see also Note that it is valid to
		      write 64-bit ABI targeted code to	 a  32-bit  ELF	 file.
		      All  32-bit  addresses  in  the  object  file  are zero-
		      extended to 64-bit upon loading.	 Zero-extension,  how‐
		      ever,  may  invalidate  any  negative addresses (such as
		      with relocations).

       Specify that the object file should be 64-bit ELF (see also



       Set dependency checking.
		      lvl must be one of the following: or what must be one of
		      the following: or

       Produce an output object file with the name
		      outfile instead of constructing a default name.

       Print the version information to stderr before assembling the input.

       Suppress the specified warning messages.

       Promote the specified warning messages to errors.

       Suppress all warning messages.

   Environment Variables
       determines the location of the message catalog for the processing of

       controls	 which	assembler  to  invoke and enables support for multiple
       (cross-) development kits.  The variable points to the root of  a  spe‐
       cific  SDK.   No	 provision  has been made to validate the value of the
       variable or the suitability of the assembler that's being invoked.

   International Code Set Support
       Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported.

       The assembler does not check dependencies.

       When syntactic or semantic errors occur, a  single-line	diagnostic  is
       displayed on standard error, together with the line number and the file
       name in which it occurred.

       assembler error message catalog
       default assembler output file

       cc(1), ld(1), elf(3E).

Integrity Systems Only						      as_ia(1)

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