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as(1)									 as(1)

       as - assembler

       as  [-d124]  [-L]  [-W]	[-V]  [-J]  [-R]  [-t  directory] [-o objfile]

       The assembler assembles the named files, or the standard	 input	if  no
       file name is specified.

       -d   Specifies  number  of  bytes  for  offsets that involve forward or
	    external references and have sizes unspecified  in	assembly  lan‐
	    guage.  The default is -d4.

       -J   Uses   long	 branches  to  resolve	jumps  when  byte-displacement
	    branches are insufficient.	This must be used when a compiler-gen‐
	    erated assembly contains branches of more than 32k bytes.

       -L   Saves  defined  labels  beginning  with L, which are normally dis‐
	    carded.  The compilers generate such temporary labels.

       -o   Specifies the name of the output file. If this option is  omitted,
	    is assumed.

       -R   Make initialized data segments read only, by concatenating them to
	    the text segments.	This prevents the need to run  editor  scripts
	    on assembly code to make initialized data read only and shared.

       -t   Specifies a directory other than the default to receive the tempo‐
	    rary file.

       -V   Uses virtual memory rather than a  temporary  file	for  immediate

       -W   Do not complain about errors.

       All undefined symbols in the assembly are treated as global.

       The  output  of	the  assembly  is left on the file objfile; if that is
       omitted, a.out is used.

       default temporary files

       default resultant object file

See Also
       adb(1), dbx(1), ld(1), nm(1), a.out(5)
       ULTRIX Supplementary Documents, Vol. III: System Manager

				      VAX				 as(1)

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