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atfork(3thr)							  atfork(3thr)

       atfork - Arranges for fork cleanup handling

       #include <pthread.h>

       void pthread_create (user_state, pre_fork, parent_fork, child_fork)
       void *user_state;
       void *pre_fork();
       void *parent_fork();
       void *child_fork();

	       Pointer to the user state that is passed to each routine.

	       Routine to be called before performing the fork.

	       Routine to be called after the fork, in the parent.

	       Routine to be called after the fork, in the child.

       This  routine  allows  you to register three routines to be executed at
       different times relative to a fork.  The different times and/or	places

	     Just prior to the fork in the parent process

	     Just after the fork in the parent process

	     Just after the fork in the created (child) process

       Use  these  routines  to clean up just prior to fork(), to set up after
       fork(), and to perform locking relative to fork(). You are  allowed  to
       provide	one  argument to be used in conjunction with all the routines.
       This parameter must be: user_state.

       Note that if your library's pre-fork action routine consists of locking
       all  of	your  library's	 mutexes, then your library must be coded such
       that your code never holds a mutex during a  call  to  another  library
       which  would  lock  one	of that library's mutexes. Otherwise, you risk
       entering a deadlock when your pre-fork action routine is called, if the
       the  other  library  has	 an analogous pre-fork action routine that has
       already been called for this fork.

Return Values
       This routine returns 0 if successful. Otherwise, it returns -1 if there
       is insufficient table space to record the handler addresses.


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