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audit_submit(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual	       audit_submit(3)

     audit_submit — general purpose audit record submission

     library “libbsm”

     #include <bsm/libbsm.h>

     audit_submit(short au_event, au_id_t auid, char status, int reterr,
	 const char * restrict format, ...);

     The audit_submit() function provides a generic programming interface for
     audit record submission.  This audit record will contain a header, sub‐
     ject token, an optional text token, return token, and a trailer.  The
     header will contain the event class specified by au_event.	 The subject
     token will be generated based on auid.  The return token is dependent on
     the status and reterr arguments; unlike the argument to au_to_return,
     reterr should be a local rather than BSM error number.  Optionally, a
     text token will be created as a part of this record.

     Text token output is under the control of a format string that specifies
     how subsequent arguments (or arguments accessed via the variable-length
     argument facilities of stdarg(3)) are converted for output.  If format is
     NULL, then no text token is created in the audit record.

     It should be noted that audit_submit() assumes that setaudit(2), or
     setaudit_addr(2) has already been called.	As a direct result, the termi‐
     nal ID for the subject will be retrieved from the kernel via getaudit(2),
     or getaudit_addr(2).

	   #include <bsm/audit.h>
	   #include <bsm/libbsm.h>
	   #include <bsm/audit_uevents.h>

	   #include <stdio.h>
	   #include <stdarg.h>
	   #include <errno.h>

	   audit_bad_su(char *from_login, char *to_login)
		   struct auditinfo_addr aia;
		   struct auditinfo ai;
		   au_id_t aid;
		   int error;

		   error = getaudit_addr(&aia, sizeof(aia));
		   if (error < 0 && errno == ENOSYS) {
			   error = getaudit(&ai);
			   if (error < 0)
				   err(1, "getaudit");
			   aid = ai.ai_auid;
		   } else if (error < 0)
			   err(1, "getaudit_addr");
			   aid = aia.ai_auid;
		   error = audit_submit(AUE_su, aid, EPERM, 1,
		       "bad su from %s to %s", from_login, to_login);
		   if (error != 0)
			   err(1, "audit_submit");

     Will generate the following audit record:

	   header,94,1,su(1),0,Mon Apr 17 23:23:59 2006, + 271 msec
	   text,bad su from from csjp to root
	   return,failure : Operation not permitted,1

     If successful, audit_submit will return zero.  Otherwise a -1 is returned
     and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error.

     auditon(2), getaudit(2), libbsm(3), stdarg(3)

     The audit_submit() function first appeared in OpenBSM version 1.0.
     OpenBSM 1.0 was introduced in FreeBSD 7.0.

     The audit_submit() function was written by Christian S.J. Peron

BSD			       January 18, 2008				   BSD

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