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auto_parms(1M)							auto_parms(1M)

       auto_parms - initial system configuration plus DHCP support command

       The  command is a system initialization command that handles first-boot
       configuration, that is, the setting of unique system "initial  identity
       parameters",  and  ongoing management of DHCP lease(s).	The command is
       invoked at boot time by the command.  Initially	it  loads  a  list  of
       available  ethernet interfaces and requests a DHCP lease on each inter‐
       face.  See the rc(1M) manpage for information about for invocation con‐

       While checking for availability of a lease on each interface, also con‐
       sults and examines the variable If  it  is  set	to  "1",  attempts  to
       request	a  lease  on  the the interface designated by If is set to "0"
       (the default case) or is absent from does not attempt a DHCP request on
       that interface.

       Once  a	lease  is  secured, the information supplied with the lease is
       used to initialize key networking parameters; see dhcpdb2conf(1M).

       If detects that the system is undergoing "first-boot" (meaning the sys‐
       tem's  hostname is not yet set), it invokes to verify the DHCP-supplied
       parameters and to collect any parameters not supplied by DHCP.

       For all subsequent boots, the data supplied by a DHCP lease is  assumed
       by  to  be correct.  Note that in a (non-mobile) environment where DHCP
       is used for IP address management, under normal	conditions  the	 lease
       information should not change between reboots.  This is accomplished by
       placing in "lease maintenance mode" prior to exiting.

       The command itself.

       Common subroutines used by
				and sub-area commands.

       Log files written and saved by

	      The command was developed by HP.

       dhcpdb2conf(1M), rc(1M), set_parms(1M).


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