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autoconf(4)							   autoconf(4)

       autoconf - diagnostics from the autoconfiguration code

       When  ULTRIX  bootstraps,  it  probes  the machine it is running on and
       locates controllers, drives, and other devices, printing	 out  what  it
       finds  on the console.  This procedure is driven by a system configura‐
       tion table, which is processed by and compiled into each kernel.

       Devices in NEXUS slots are normally  noted,  thus  memory  controllers,
       UNIBUS, MASSBUS, and VAXBI adapters will be seen.  Devices that are not
       supported and that are found in NEXUS slots are noted also.

       VAXBI devices are located by a deterministic procedure,	because	 VAXBI
       space can be probed completely.	Existing devices are noted on the con‐
       sole if they are not configured, or if they are unsupported devices.

       MASSBUS devices are located by a deterministic procedure, because MASS‐
       BUS  space is completely probeable.  If devices exist that are not con‐
       figured, they will be silently ignored; if devices exist of unsupported
       type they will be noted.

       UNIBUS  devices	are  located by probing to see if their control-status
       registers respond.  If not, they are silently ignored.  If the  control
       status  register responds but the device cannot be made to interrupt, a
       diagnostic warning will be printed on the console and the  device  will
       not be available to the system.

       No configure routine for cpu type %d
	    An	attempt was made to boot ULTRIX on a CPU type that it does not
	    (or at least this compiled version of ULTRIX does not) understand.

       mba%d at address 0x%x
	    A MASSBUS adapter was found at address 0x%x.  ULTRIX will call  it

       %d mba's not configured
	    More MASSBUS adapters were found on the machine than were declared
	    in the machine configuration; the excess MASSBUS adapters will not
	    be accessible.

       uba%d at address 0x%x
	    A  UNIBUS  adapter was found at address 0x%d.  ULTRIX will call it

       dr32 unsupported at address 0x%d
	    A DR32 interface was found at address 0x%d, for which ULTRIX  does
	    not have a driver.

       mcr%d at address 0x%x
	    A  memory  controller was found at address 0x%d.  ULTRIX will call
	    it mcr%d.

       5 mcr's unsupported at address 0x%d
	    ULTRIX supports only four memory controllers per CPU.

       mpm unsupported at address 0x%x
	    Multiport memory is unsupported in the sense that ULTRIX does  not
	    know how to poll it for ECC errors.

       %s%d at mba%d drive %d
	    A  tape  formatter	or  a disk was found on the MASSBUS; for disks
	    %s%d will look like ``hp0'', for  tape  formatters	like  ``ht1''.
	    The	 drive	number comes from the unit plug on the drive or in the
	    TM formatter (not on the tape drive; see below).

       %s%d at %s%d slave %d (for MASSBUS devices)
	    A tape slave was found on the  tape	 formatter  at	the  indicated
	    drive  number  (on the front of the tape drive).  ULTRIX will call
	    the device, for example, tu0.  For example,	 ``tu0	at  ht0	 slave
	    0'', where tu0 is the name for the tape device and ht0 is the name
	    for the formatter.

       %s%d at %s%d slave %d (for UNIBUS and VAXBI devices)
	    Which would look like ``ra0 at uq0 slave 0'',  where  ra0  is  the
	    name of a disk drive and uq0 is the name of the port protocol.

       %s%d at uba%d csr %o vec %o ipl %x
	    The	 device	 %s%d,	e.g.  dz0 was found on uba%d at control-status
	    register address %o and with device vector %o.  The device	inter‐
	    rupted at priority level %x.

       %s%d at uba%d csr %o zero vector
	    The	 device	 did not present a valid interrupt vector, rather pre‐
	    sented 0 (a passive release condition) to the adapter.

       %s%d at uba%d csr %o didn't interrupt
	    The device did not interrupt, possibly because it is broken, hung,
	    or not the kind of device it is advertised to be.

       %s%d at %s%d csr %o vec %o ipl %x (for UNIBUS and VAXBI controllers)
	    The	 port  %s%d,  for example, uq0 was found on controller %s%d at
	    control status register address %o and with	 controller  interrupt
	    vector %o.	The controller interrupted at priority level %x.

       %s%d at %s%d csr %o zero vector (for UNIBUS and VAXBI controllers)
	    The	 port  did  not	 present a valid interrupt vector, rather pre‐
	    sented 0 (a passive release condition) to the adapter.

       %s%d at %s%d csr %o didn't interrupt (for UNIBUS and
	    VAXBI controllers)" The port did not interrupt,  possibly  because
	    it	is  broken,  hung, or not the kind of port it is advertised to

       nbia%d at address %x
	    An nbia adapter was found at a NEXUS.

       vaxbi%d at address %x
	    A VAXBI number was found starting at address %x.

       %s%d at vaxbi%d node %d
	    The device, controller, or adapter %s%d was found  on  vaxbi%d  at

       vaxbi%x node%d, unsupported device type 0x%x
	    On	a  vaxbi%x  at	node%d there is a device with type number 0x%x
	    that is unsupported by this release of ULTRIX.

       %s at vaxbi%d node%d option not configured!
	    A supported VAXBI device %s, found at vaxbi%d node%d was not  con‐
	    figured  into  the	system.	 The device %s will not be seen by the
	    system.  To use device %s, configure the system  with  the	device
	    included in the configuration file.

       %s at vaxbi%d node%d failed to initialize!
	    The	 device	 did  not  initialize, possibly because it was broken.
	    ci%d - local port %d is initialized, ram/eeprom = %d/%d.   The  ci
	    adapter  whose  local  port number is %d initialized successfully.
	    The ram/eeprom revision level is %d%d.

       hsc%d at ci%d (mscp) node #
	    The ci%d (mscp) node number is the	physical  ci  node  number  of

See Also
       intro(4), config(8)

				      VAX			   autoconf(4)

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