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AUVAL(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		      AUVAL(1)

     auval — AudioUnit validation

     auval [-[-64 | --ppc]] [-s TYPE] [-a]
	   [-v|vt TYPE SUBT MANU [-w] [-de] [-dw]] [-f file]

     AUValidation tests a specified AudioUnit for API and behavioural confor‐
     mance.  returns: OK: 0, malformed execution: 1, unit not conformant: -1

     -64 | -ppc
	      must be specified first. can specify either: -ppc to run using
	      Rosetta on Intel machine, or -64 to run as 64 bit. If neither
	      specified runs as 32 bit native architecture

     -h	      print help text

     -a	      lists all available AudioUnits of any type

     -s TYPE  lists all available AudioUnits of type 'TYPE'

	      opens the AudioUnit specified by the TYPE SUBT MANU component
	      ID's and tests that unit.

     -vt TYPE MANU
	      iterates through all of the AU's of specified TYPE and MANU

     -de      execution is terminated when first error is encountered

     -dw      execution is terminated when first warning is encountered

     -c	      continue validating when an error occurs in batch mode.

     -q	      quiet - does no printing except for errors or warnings

     -qp      doesn't print parameter or Factory Presets information

     -o	      only runs a basic open and initialize test. good for debugging
	      basic functionality

     -r N     repeat the whole process of validation N times. good for catch‐
	      ing open/init bugs.

     -w	      wait after finished - good for profiling memory usage see 'man

     -vers    The version is printed to stdout.

     -versh   The version is printed to stdout in hexadecimal.

     -f FILENAME
	      Each line in the file should contain one complete command.

Darwin			       February 13, 2006			Darwin

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