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avahi.service(5)					      avahi.service(5)

       avahi.service - avahi-daemon static service file


       /home/lennart/tmp/avahi/etc/avahi/services/*.service  are XML fragments
       containing static DNS-SD service data. Every service file  can  contain
       multiple	 service definitions which share the same name. This is useful
       for publishing service data for services which implement multiple  pro‐
       tocols. (i.e. a printer implementing _ipp._tcp and _printer._tcp)

       <service-group> The document tag of avahi service files. Should contain
       one <name> and one or more <service> elements.

       <name replace-wildcards="yes|no"> The service  name.  If	 replace-wild‐
       cards  is  "yes",  any occurence of the string "%h" will be replaced by
       the local host name. This can be used for service  names	 like  "Remote
       Terminal	 on  %h".  If  replace-wildcards is not specified, defaults to

       <service protocol="ipv4|ipv6|any"> Contains the service information for
       exactly one service type. Should contain one <type> and one <port> ele‐
       ment. Optionally it may contain one <domain-name>, one <host-name>, any
       number  of  <subtype>  and  any	number	of  <txt-record> elements. The
       attribute protocol specifies the protocol to advertise the service  on.
       If  any	is used (which is the default), the service will be advertised
       on both IPv4 and IPv6.

       <type>  Contains	 the  DNS-SD  service  type  for  this	service.  e.g.

       <subtype>  Contains  an additional DNS-SD service subtype for this ser‐
       vice. e.g. "_anon._sub._ftp._tcp".

       <domain-name> The domain name this service  should  be  registered.  If
       omited  defaults	 to  the default domain of the avahi daemon. (probably

       <host-name> The host name of the host that provides this service.  This
       should be a host that is resolvable by multicast or unicast DNS. Please
       note that you need to specify  a	 fully-qualified  domain  name	(FQDN)
       here,  i.e.  .local  is	not appended implicitly! The host name doesn't
       need  to	 be  part  of  the  domain  specified  in  <domain-name>.  See
       avahi.hosts(5) for more information how to publish additional host name

       <port> The IP port number the service listens on.

       <txt-record> DNS-SD TXT record data.

       The Avahi Developers <avahi (at) lists (dot)  freedesktop  (dot)	 org>;
       Avahi is available from http://avahi.org/

       avahi-daemon(8), avahi.hosts(5)

       This man page was written using xml2man(1) by Oliver Kurth.

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