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BOOTPEF(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		    BOOTPEF(8)

     bootpef — BOOTP Extension File compiler

     bootpef [-c chdir-path] [-d debug-level] [-f config-file]
	     [client-name ...]

     The bootpef utility builds the Extension Path files described by RFC 1497
     (tag 18).	If any client-name arguments are specified, then bootpef com‐
     piles the extension files for only those clients.

     -c chdir-path
	     Sets the current directory used by bootpef while creating exten‐
	     sion files.  This is useful when the extension file names are
	     specified as relative pathnames, and bootpef needs to use the
	     same current directory as the TFTP server (typically /tftpboot).

     -d debug-level
	     Sets the debug-level variable that controls the amount of debug‐
	     ging messages generated.  For example, -d 4 will set the debug‐
	     ging level to 4.

     -f config-file
	     Set the name of the config file that specifies the option data to
	     be sent to each client.

     bootpd(8), tftpd(8)


     BOOTP Vendor Information Extensions, RFC1497.

BSD			       December 4, 1993				   BSD

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