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calendar(1)							   calendar(1)

       calendar - reminder service

       consults	 the  file  in the current directory and prints out lines con‐
       taining today's or tomorrow's date anywhere in the line.	 On  weekends,
       ``tomorrow'' extends through Monday.

       When  a command-line argument is present, searches for the file in each
       user's home directory, and sends any positive results to	 the  user  by
       (see  mail(1)).	Normally this is done daily in the early morning hours
       under the control of (see cron(1M)).  When invoked by reads  the	 first
       line in the file to determine the user's environment.

       Language-dependent   information	 such  as  spelling  and  date	format
       (described below) are determined by the user-specified statement in the
       file.   This  statement should be of the form where language is a valid
       language name (see lang(5)).  If this line is  not  in  the  file,  the
       action described in the section is taken.

       is  concerned  with  two	 fields:  month and day.  A month field can be
       expressed in three different formats: a string representing the name of
       the  month  (either fully spelled out or abbreviated), a numeric month,
       or an asterisk (representing any month).	 If the month is expressed  as
       a string representing the name of the month, the first character can be
       either upper-case or lower-case; other characters must  be  lower-case.
       The  spelling of a month name should match the string returned by call‐
       ing (see nl_langinfo(3C)).  The day field is a numeric  value  for  the
       day of the month.

   Month-Day Formats
       If  the	month  field  is  a string, it can be followed by zero or more
       blanks.	If the month field is numeric, it must be followed by either a
       slash or a hyphen If the month field is an asterisk it must be followed
       by a slash The day field can be followed immediately by a blank or non-
       digit character.

   Day-Month Formats
       The day field is expressed as a numeral.	 What follows the day field is
       determined by the format of the month.  If the month field is a string,
       the  day	 field must be followed by zero or one dot followed by zero or
       more blanks.  If the month field is a numeral, the day  field  must  be
       followed	 by either a slash or a hyphen If the month field is an aster‐
       isk, the day field must be followed by a slash

   Environment Variables
       determines the format and contents of date and  time  strings  when  no
       statement is specified in the file.

       determines the language in which messages are displayed.

       If  is  not specified in the environment or is set to the empty string,
       the value of is used as a default for each unspecified or  empty	 vari‐
       able.   If is not specified or is set to the empty string, a default of
       "C" (see lang(5)) is used instead of If any internationalization	 vari‐
       able  contains  an invalid setting, behaves as if all internationaliza‐
       tion variables are set to "C".  See environ(5).

   International Code Set Support
       Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported.

       The following file illustrates several formats recognized by calendar:

       In the following file, dates are expressed according to	European  Eng‐
       lish usage:

       To  get	reminder service, either your calendar must be public informa‐
       tion or you must run from your personal file, independent  of  any  run
       systemwide.   Note that if you run yourself, the calendar file need not
       reside in your home directory.

       extended idea of ``tomorrow'' does not account for holidays.

       This command is likely to be withdrawn from X/Open standards.  Applica‐
       tions  using this command might not be portable to other vendors' plat‐

       was developed by AT&T and HP.

       to figure out today's and tomorrow's dates

       SEE ALSO
	      cron(1M), nl_langinfo(3C),  mail(1),  envi‐


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