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candc(8)							      candc(8)

       candc - collect diagnostic data for a running or crashed system

       /etc/candc [system_kernel] [core_image]


	      The name of the system kernel.  The default is


	      The name of the core image.  The default is

       The utility is a shell script that examines the core_image of the oper‐
       ating system to extract diagnostic data.	 It  uses  several  tools  and
       commands to extract selected parameters of a running or crashed system.
       The output from the utility is written to a file in  the	 crash	direc‐
       tory.  The crash number is the file extension.

       Operations with the utility are automatic.  The system runs the utility
       during system startup.  The utility then	 determines  if	 there	was  a
       crash  and whether the most recent core dump has been saved by the com‐
       mand.  If so, the utility extracts the  data  it	 needs.	  The  default
       crash directory is

       The  utility  runs automatically only when the file exists in the crash
       directory, and is the most recent system crash (as  determined  by  the
       crash number).

       You must be superuser to run the utility.

       Default core image

       Default system kernel

       Output from the utility

See Also
       adb(1), dbx(1), savecore(8)


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