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catgetmsg(3int)						       catgetmsg(3int)

       catgetmsg - get message from a message catalog

       #include <nl_types.h>

       char *catgetmsg(catd, set_num, msg_num, buf, buflen)
       nl_catd catd;
       int set_num, msg_num, buflen;
       char *buf;

       The  function  has been superceded by the function.  You should use the
       function to get messages from a message catalog.	 You might want to re‐
       write  calls  to the function so that they use the function.  The func‐
       tion is available for compatibility with XPG-2 conformant software  and
       might  not  be  available in the future.	 For more information on using
       see the reference page.

       The function attempts to read up to buflen -1 bytes of a message string
       into  the  area	pointed to by buf .  The parameter is an integer value
       containing the size in bytes of buf.  The return string is always  ter‐
       minated with a null byte.

       The  parameter  catd  is	 a catalog descriptor returned from an earlier
       call to and identifies the message catalog containing the message set (
       set_num) and the program message	 ( msg_num).

       The  arguments  set_num	and  msg_num are defined as integer values for
       maximum portability.  Where possible, you should use symbolic names for
       message	and  set  numbers, rather hard-coding integer values into your
       source programs.	 If you use symbolic names, you must run prior to  and
       be sure the appropriate include file is used in your program.

Return Value
       If  successful, returns a pointer to the message string in buf.	Other‐
       wise, if catd is invalid or if set_num or msg_num are not in  the  mes‐
       sage catalog, returns a pointer to an empty (null) string.

See Also
       intro(3int), gencat(1int), catopen(3int), catgets(3int), nl_types(5int)
       Guide to Developing International Software


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