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catman(8)							     catman(8)

       catman - create the cat files for the manual

       /etc/catman [ -p ] [ -n ] [ -w ] [ sections ]

       The  command  creates  the  preformatted versions of the on-line manual
       from the input files.  Each manual page is  examined  and  those	 whose
       preformatted versions are missing or out of date are recreated.	If any
       changes are made, will recreate the database.

       If there is one parameter not starting with a minus  sign  (-),	it  is
       taken  to be a list of manual sections to look in.  The following exam‐
       ple causes updating to occur to manual sections 1, 2, and 3.
       catman 123

       -n     Prevents creations of

       -p     Prints what would be done instead of doing it.

       -w     Causes only the database to be created.  No manual  reformatting
	      is done.

       Raw (nroff input) manual sections

       Preformatted manual pages

       Commands to make whatis database

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