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cdfs(5cdfs)							   cdfs(5cdfs)

       cdfs - The CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read Only Memory) File System

       The ISO 9660 standard describes volume and file structures for informa‐
       tion exchange on CD-ROM's. CDFS supports	 mounting,  as	another	 local
       file  system type, CD-ROM's which comply to the standard. Once mounted,
       files and directories recorded on the CD-ROM  become  accessible	 in  a
       read-only  manner  through  system  calls  and commands. Support of the
       standard is limited to level 2 interchange with the exeception of  mul‐
       tiple  volume  semantics, according to ISO 9660.	 Refer to the interna‐
       tional standard ISO 9660-1988 for addtional information	pertaining  to
       the actual standard.

       The  file  system  behaves  the	same as any read-only file system, and
       additionally supports the following semantics.  The can be exported  by
       NFS,  and  supports  users  being able to mount other file system types
       (UFS, NFS, CDFS) onto directories recorded on the CDFS volume.  Volumes
       recorded	 in  ISO  9660-1988 (interchange level 2) or High Sierra Group
       (HSG) format are supported. The data  of	 a  mounted  volume  which  is
       recorded	 as part of a multiple volume set or consists of a single vol‐
       ume set is made available.  Both local and  remote  execution  is  sup‐
       ported  for  non-interleaved files. Data contained in files recorded in
       interleave mode and non-interleave mode is available  through  read(2).
       If demand page execution of interleaved files is required, the user can
       either copy the file to magnetic storage, or execute the file over NFS.

       Since is a configurable kernel option, the  following  two  lines  must
       exist in the systems configuration file:

	  options CDFS

	  pseudo-device	   cdfs

       If  the system configuration does not contain the above lines, refer to
       the Guide to Configuration File Maintenance for a detailed explaination
       of how to modify the configuration file and rebuild a kernel.

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