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cds_intro(1m)							 cds_intro(1m)

       cds_intro - Introduction to the CDS commands

       The  DCE	 Cell Directory Service provides the following management com‐
       mands: The cdsbrowser command starts the	 CDS  Browser  utility.	  This
       utility	is  based  on  the  OSF/Motif™	graphical user interface.  The
       Browser can display an overall directory structure as well as show  the
       contents of directories.	 The cdscp command starts the CDS control pro‐
       gram.  Use this command line interface to manage the CDS components and
       the contents of your namespace.

       The  following  commands are typically started automatically by scripts
       that execute as part of normal system  start-up	procedures.   See  the
       reference  pages	 for  these  commands before you try to use them.  The
       cdsadv command starts the advertisement and solicitation daemon on  the
       local  system  and  then	 starts clerks as needed by applications.  Use
       this command only when troubleshooting because it creates and automati‐
       cally  starts  the CDS clerk whenever the host system is rebooted.  The
       cdsd command restarts the CDS server.  Use this command only when trou‐
       bleshooting  because  it	 starts	 the  CDS server process automatically
       whenever the host system is rebooted.  The gdad command starts the  GDA
       (Global	Directory Agent) daemon.  The GDA enables intercell communica‐
       tion, serving as a connection to other cells through the global	naming
       environment.   The  GDA	is  typically started automatically by scripts
       that execute as part of normal system start-up and shutdown procedures.

       Book: DCE Administration Guide

       Commands: cdsadv(1m), cdsbrowser(1m),  cdscp(1m),  cdsd(1m),  gdad(1m),


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