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cerupdate(1)							  cerupdate(1)

       cerupdate  -  update the Common Error Repository (CER) with error meta‐
       data supplied by HP, Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV),	 and  Indepen‐
       dent Software Vendors (ISV). CER is a huge database, which is a part of
       Error Management Technology (EMT). To use the command, users must  have
       administrative privileges.

       extract-dir-path logfile] trace-level] public-key

       To use this command, users must have administrative privileges.

       All Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV) and Independent Software Vendors
       (ISV) use the DesCompiler tool provided	by  EMT	 to  create  extracts.
       These  extracts	include information about errors generated on an HP-UX
       11iv3 system.  Users can use the command to upload the extracts created
       by  HP,	ISVs, and IHVs to the Common Error Repository (CER).  However,
       to upload these extracts, the IHVs and the ISVs must be registered with

       The following options are used with the command:

       Specifies  the  path  of	 the  directory	 where	the  extract files are
       located. The
		      directory must contain an index.txt file with the	 names
		      of the extracts that must be uploaded to the CER.

		      The option is mandatory.

       Specifies the key that the
		      command  will use to decrypt the extract files. Configu‐
		      ration and post-installation  scripts  that  invoke  the
		      command must pass the correct decryption key.

		      IHVs  and ISVs can obtain the encryption and the decryp‐
		      tion keys by registering with EMT.

		      The option is optional and is case-sensitive.

       Specifies the log file. If the
		      option is not specified, the command uses the  log  file
		      specified	 in  which is the configuration file.  Changes
		      made to an existing log file will overwrite the contents
		      of the file.

       Specifies the trace level to be used for logging.
		      Following	 lists	the trace levels that are supported in
		      the ascending order of severity:

		      The default trace-level is

		      The command logs all messages related to trace-level and
		      above  to	 the log file specified by the option.	If the
		      option is not specified, the  command  uses  the	option
		      specified	 in  the  configuration file.  The trace level
		      strings are case-insensitive.

       Displays information on how to use the
		      command, like a help option.

	      This is a binary file that is used for updating the CER.

	      This is a configuration file that is used to configure the trace

       was developed by HP.



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