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change_managed()					      change_managed()

  change_managed  -  Composite	class  method to respond to a change in a
  list				   of				  managed

  typedef void (*XtWidgetProc)(Widget);
	 Widget w;

  w	    Specifies  the widget that has had children managed or unman‐

  The change_managed() method is registered on the  change_managed  field
  of  the  Composite class part structure, and is invoked when a child or
  children are managed or unmanaged with  XtManageChild(),  XtManageChil‐
  dren(), XtUnmanageChild(), or XtUnmanageChildren().

  When a child is managed or unmananged, it generally means that the lay‐
  out of all the children of the widget should be redone.  Note that this
  method  does	not  have an argument which specifies which children have
  had their managed state changed.  change_managed() should loop  through
  all  of  the	children  in  its  children array, using XtIsManaged() to
  determine which are managed and should therefore  be	included  in  the
  layout calculations.

  The  change_managed()	 method is not chained.	 A widget class that does
  not define a change_managed() method can inherit this method	from  its
  superclass   by  specifying  XtInheritChangeManaged  in  its	Composite
  change_managed() class field.

  Many change_managed() methods simply	call  a	 general  layout  routine
  which	 may  also  be called from other places in the widget such as the
  resize() method.

  The following procedure is the change_managed() method for the Xaw Form
  widget.   Note  how  it loops through all of its children, setting con‐
  straint fields for those that are managed, and then calls a layout rou‐
  tine	(which	is  a  class  method  of the Form widget in this case) to
  recalculate the layout of all children.  It makes no attempt to  deter‐
  mine which children have been managed or unmanaged.

     static void ChangeManaged(w)
	 Widget w;
       FormWidget fw = (FormWidget)w;
       FormConstraints form;
       WidgetList children, childP;
       int num_children = fw->composite.num_children;
       Widget child;

	* Reset virtual width and height for all children.

       for (children = childP = fw->composite.children ;
	    childP - children < num_children; childP++) {
	 child = *childP;
	 if (XtIsManaged(child)) {
	   form = (FormConstraints)child->core.constraints;

      * If the size is one (1) then we must not change the virtual sizes, as
      * they contain useful information.  If someone actually wants a widget
      * of width or height one (1) in a form widget he will lose, can't win
      * them all.
      * Chris D. Peterson 2/9/89.

	   if ( child->core.width != 1)
	     form->form.virtual_width = (int) child->core.width;
	   if ( child->core.height != 1)
	     form->form.virtual_height = (int) child->core.height;
					      ((FormWidget) w, w->core.width,
					       w->core.height, TRUE);

See Also
  Composite(3), Constraint(3).

Xt - Intrinsics Methods					      change_managed()

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