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       checkmodule - SELinux policy module compiler

       checkmodule  [-h]  [-b]	[-m]  [-M]  [-U handle_unknown ] [-V] [-o out‐
       put_file] [input_file]

       This manual page describes the checkmodule command.

       checkmodule is a program that checks and compiles  a  SELinux  security
       policy  module  into a binary representation.  It can generate either a
       base policy module (default) or a non-base policy module	 (-m  option);
       typically, you would build a non-base policy module to add to an exist‐
       ing module store that already has a base module provided	 by  the  base
       policy.	 Use semodule_package to combine this module with its optional
       file contexts to create a policy package,  and  then  use  semodule  to
       install the module package into the module store and load the resulting

	      Read an existing binary policy module file rather than a	source
	      policy module file.  This option is a development/debugging aid.

	      Print usage.

       -m     Generate a non-base policy module.

	      Enable  the MLS/MCS support when checking and compiling the pol‐
	      icy module.

	       Show policy versions created by this program.   Note  that  you
	      cannot currently build older versions.

       -o,--output filename
	      Write  a	binary	policy	module file to the specified filename.
	      Otherwise, checkmodule will only check the syntax of the	module
	      source file and will not generate a binary module at all.

       -U,--handle-unknown <action>
	      Specify  how the kernel should handle unknown classes or permis‐
	      sions (deny, allow or reject).

       # Build a MLS/MCS-enabled non-base policy module.
       $ checkmodule -M -m httpd.te -o httpd.mod

       semodule(8),    semodule_package(8)    SELinux	  documentation	    at,    especially   "Configuring   the
       SELinux Policy".

       This manual page was copied from the checkpolicy man  page  written  by
       Arpad  Magosanyi	 <>,  and  edited  by Dan Walsh
       <>.   The  program  was	 written  by  Stephen  Smalley


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