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chfn(1)								       chfn(1)

       chfn - change system finger entry

       chfn [ loginname ]

       The  command  is used to change information about users.	 This informa‐
       tion is used by the program, among others.  It consists of  the	user's
       real name, office room number, office phone number, and home phone num‐
       ber. The command prompts the user for  each  field.   Included  in  the
       prompt  is  a  default  value,  which is enclosed between brackets.  To
       accept the default value, press Return.	To enter a blank  field,  type
       the word `none'.	 This is an example:
       % chfn
       Changing finger information for doe
       Name [John Doe]:
       Office number [ABC-1/K0]: DEF-2/K1
       Office Phone []: 1863
       Home Phone [5771546]: none

       The command allows phone numbers to be entered with or without hyphens.
       No entries may contain colons, commas, or control characters.

       It is a good idea to run after running to make sure everything  is  the
       way you want it.

       The optional argument loginname is used to change another person's fin‐
       ger information.	 This can only be done by the superuser.

       The encoding of the office and extension	 information  is  installation

       Because	two users may try to write the file at once, a synchronization
       method was developed.  On rare occasions, a message that	 the  password
       file  is	 "busy" will be printed.  In this case, sleeps for a while and
       then tries to write to the file again.

       See Also
	      chsh(1), finger(1), passwd(1), passwd(5yp)


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