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chgrp(1)							      chgrp(1)

       chgrp - change file group

       chgrp [ -fR ] group file...

       The  command  changes the group ID of one or more files or directories.
       For file, you may specify either a full or partial  path.   For	group,
       you may specify either a decimal GID or a group name found in the group

       The user entering the command must either be the superuser, or  be  the
       owner of the file and belong to the specified group.

       -f   Inhibits  display  of  errors that are returned if fails to change
	    the group identifier of a file.

       -R   Causes to recursively descend any directories subordinate to  file
	    and	 to  set the specified	group for each file encountered.  When
	    symbolic links are encountered, changes the	 group	identifier  of
	    the	 link  file but does not traverse the path associated with the

       Change group to admin for filea and fileb:
       chgrp admin filea fileb

       See Also
	      chown(2), group(5), group(5yp),  passwd(5),


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