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PACEMAKER(8)		System Administration Utilities		  PACEMAKER(8)

       Pacemaker - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager

       cibadmin command [options] [data]

       cibadmin - Provides direct access to the cluster configuration.

       Allows  the  configuration, or sections of it, to be queried, modified,
       replaced and deleted.

       Where necessary, XML data will be obtained using	 the  -X,  -x,	or  -p

       -?, --help
	      This text

       -$, --version
	      Version information

       -V, --verbose
	      Increase debug output

       -u, --upgrade
	      Upgrade the configuration to the latest syntax

       -Q, --query
	      Query the contents of the CIB

       -E, --erase
	      Erase the contents of the whole CIB

       -B, --bump
	      Increase the CIB's epoch value by 1

       -C, --create
	      Create  an  object  in the CIB.  Will fail if the object already

       -M, --modify
	      Find the object somewhere in the CIB's XML tree and  update  it.
	      Fails if the object does not exist unless -c is specified

       -P, --patch
	      Supply an update in the form of an xml diff (See also: crm_diff)

       -R, --replace
	      Recursivly replace an object in the CIB

       -D, --delete
	      Delete  the first object matching the supplied criteria, Eg. <op
	      id="rsc1_op1" name="monitor"/>

	      The tagname and all attributes must match in order for the  ele‐
	      ment to be deleted

       -d, --delete-all
	      When  used with --xpath, remove all matching objects in the con‐
	      figuration instead of just the first one

       -5, --md5-sum
	      Calculate the on-disk CIB digest

       -6, --md5-sum-versioned
	      Calculate an on-the-wire versioned CIB digest

       -S, --sync
	      (Advanced) Force a refresh of the CIB to all nodes

       -a, --empty
	      Output an empty CIB

   Additional options:
       -f, --force

       -t, --timeout=value
	      Time (in seconds) to wait before declaring the operation failed

       -s, --sync-call
	      Wait for call to complete before returning

       -l, --local
	      Command takes effect locally.  Should only be used for queries

       -c, --allow-create
	      (Advanced) Allow the target of a	--modify,-M  operation	to  be
	      created if they do not exist

       -n, --no-children
	      (Advanced)  When	querying  an object, do not return include its
	      children in the result

       -X, --xml-text=value
	      Retrieve XML from the supplied string

       -x, --xml-file=value
	      Retrieve XML from the named file

       -p, --xml-pipe Retrieve XML from stdin

       -o, --scope=value
	      Limit the scope of the operation to a specific  section  of  the

	      Valid  values  are:  nodes,  resources, constraints, crm_config,
	      rsc_defaults, op_defaults, status

       -A, --xpath=value
	      A valid XPath to use instead of --scope,-o

       -e, --node-path
	      When performing XPath queries, return the address of any matches

	      Eg: /cib/configuration/resources/master[@id='ms_RH1_SCS']/primi‐

       -N, --node=value
	      (Advanced) Send command to the specified host

       Query the configuration from the local node:

	      # cibadmin --query --local

       Query the just the cluster options configuration:

	      # cibadmin --query --scope crm_config

       Query all 'target-role' settings:

	      # cibadmin --query --xpath "//nvpair[@name='target-role']"

       Remove all 'is-managed' settings:

	      # cibadmin --delete-all --xpath "//nvpair[@name='is-managed']"

       Remove the resource named 'old':

	      # cibadmin --delete --xml-text '<primitive id="old"/>'

       Remove all resources from the configuration:

	      # cibadmin --replace --scope resources --xml-text '<resources/>'

       Replace the complete configuration with	the  contents  of  $HOME/pace‐

	      # cibadmin --replace --xml-file $HOME/pacemaker.xml

       Replace	the constraints section of the configuration with the contents
       of $HOME/constraints.xml:

	      # cibadmin --replace --scope constraints	--xml-file  $HOME/con‐

       Increase	 the  configuration version to prevent old configurations from
       being loaded accidentally:

	      #	       cibadmin	       --modify	       --xml-text	 '<cib

       Edit the configuration with your favorite $EDITOR:

	      # cibadmin --query > $HOME/local.xml

	      # $EDITOR $HOME/local.xml

	      # cibadmin --replace --xml-file $HOME/local.xml

	      crm(8), pcs(8), crm_shadow(8)

       Written by Andrew Beekhof

       Report bugs to

Pacemaker 1.1.10-29.el7		   May 2014			  PACEMAKER(8)

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