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cimmof(1)							     cimmof(1)

       cimmof - compile MOF files into the CIM Repository


       <path>] <namespace>] <file>...<file>

       Only  a superuser or user with write access to the default or specified
       namespace can run the command to compile MOFs in the CIM Repository.

       Superclasses must be compiled before subclasses, else the compile  will

       It  is  strongly	 recommended that MOF files include all necessary sub‐
       classes, so they can compile properly even if certain classes  are  not
       in the CIM Repository.

       The  command is the command line interface to the Managed Object Format
       (MOF) Compiler.	The MOF Compiler is a utility that compiles MOF	 files
       (using  the  MOF format defined by the DMTF CIM Specification) into CIM
       classes and instances that are stored in the CIM Repository.

       The command can be used to compile MOF files at any time after  instal‐
       lation.	If no input file is specified, stdin is used as the input.

       The  MOF	 Compiler  requires that the input MOF files be in the current
       directory or that a fully qualified path be  given.   To	 simplify  the
       specification  of  multiple MOF files in the command line, the MOF Com‐
       piler allows compiling from files containing a list of MOF files	 using
       the include pragma (as shown below).

	      MOF  files using the include pragma must be
	      in the current directory
	      or in a directory specified by  the  command  line

       The  option  can	 be used to specify a namespace in which
       the CIM classes and instances will be compiled.	If  this
       option	is  not	 specified,  the  default  namespace  is
       root/cimv2 (with the exception of  provider  registration

       For  provider  registration schemas, if the option is not
       specified, the default namespace is root/PG_InterOp.   If
       option  is  specified,  the  namespace  specified must be
       root/PG_InterOp,	 otherwise,  the  error	  message   "The
       requested operation is not supported." is returned.   For
       provider MOFs, the namespace specified must match one  of
       the  namespaces	specified in the PG_ProviderCapabilities
       class schema definition.

       The command recognizes the following options:

	      Display the command usage and the	 version  number
	      of the MOF Compiler.
			     The version number is used to iden‐
			     tify the release version of the MOF
			     Compiler  in  the	HP WBEM Services

	      Suppress warning messages.

			     When compiling the	 MOF  files,  if
			     there  are	 CIM  elements	(such as
			     classes, instances, properties,  or
			     methods)  defined	in the MOF files
			     which  already  exist  in	the  CIM
			     Repository,   the	command	 returns
			     warning messages.	The  option  can
			     be	 used  to suppress these warning

	      Specify the path to included MOF files.  This path
	      may be relative or

			     If	 the  input MOF file has include
			     pragmas and the included  files  do
			     not  reside  in  the current direc‐
			     tory, the directive must be used to
			     specify  a path to them on the com‐
			     mand line.

	      Override the default CIM Repository namespace. The
			     <namespace> specified   must  be  a
			     valid  CIM namespace name.	 For the
			     definition of a valid CIM namespace
			     name,  refer to the Administrator's
			     Guide.  For  provider  registration
			     schemas,  the  <namepace> specified
			     must be root/PG_InterOp.

	      If the repository contains leaf  classes	(classes
	      that do not have
			     any  subclasses)  that  are also in
			     the  MOF	file(s),   the	 command
			     replaces  the  existing  classes in
			     the repository with the ones  being
			     upgraded in the MOF file(s).

	      Allows  either  addition (or update in conjunction
	      with the
			     flag)   of	  Experimental	 classes
			     defined in the MOF file(s).

	      Allows  either  addition (or update in conjunction
	      with the
			     flag) of Major  and  Down	revision
			     classes defined in the MOF file(s).
			     Major  revisions  are  defined   as
			     classes   which  change  the  first
			     value (m) in the Version  qualifier
			     of a class.

	      Allows both Experimental and Version changes
			     to	  classes  defined  in	the  MOF
			     file(s).	This  option  is  essen‐
			     tially  the  combination of the and


       The command returns one of the following values:

	      Successful completion

       When an error occurs, an	 error	message	 is  written  to
       stderr and an error value of 1 is returned.

	      The  CIM	Server	is  not	 running.  Start the CIM
	      Server with the command and re-run

       If the MOF Compiler detects an  error  in  the  MOF  file
       while  parsing the file, a parsing error is returned with
       the line number of the MOF file containing the error.

	      The MOF Compiler compiled a MOF file  with  super‐
	      classes that were not in the CIM Repository.

       For  a  list  of	 possible  error  messages  that  may be
       returned, refer to the Chapter on WBEM  messages	 in  the
       Administrator's Guide.

       Compile	a MOF file into the default namespace in the CIM
       Repository, issue the command with no options.

       Compile the MOF files into the 'root/application'  names‐

       Compile	the MOF file defined in the directory ./MOF with
       the name CIMSchema25.mof, and containing include	 pragmas
       for other MOF files also in the ./MOF directory.

       List the arguments to the command and display the version
       of the MOF Compiler.

       was developed by the Open Group OpenPegasus  Open  Source
       Software project.



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