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NAME - Directory Server perl script for issuing a cleanAllRUV

SYNOPSIS [-v] [-Z serverID] [-D rootdn] { -w password | -w - | -j
       filename } -b basedn -r rid  [-A] [-P protocol] [-h]

       Creates and adds a cleanAllRUV task to the Directory Server

       A summary of options is included below:

       -Z Server Identifier
	      The  server  ID  of  the Directory Server instance.  If there is
	      only one instance on the system, this option can be skipped.

       -D Root DN
	      The Directory Manager DN, or root DN.   If  not  specified,  the
	      script  will  search  the	 server instance configuration for the

       -w password
	      The rootdn password.

       -w -
	      Prompt for the rootdn password.

       -j password filename
	      The name of the file that contains the root DN password.

       -b basedn
	      The replicated suffix that needs to be cleaned.

       -r rid
	      The replica ID that needs to be removed.

       -P Protocol
	      The connection protocol to  connect  to  the  Directory  Server.
	      Protocols	 are STARTTLS, LDAPS, LDAPI, and LDAP.	If this option
	      is skipped, the most secure protocol that is available is	 used.
	      For LDAPI, AUTOBIND is also available for the root user.

	      Abort a cleanAllRUV task that is currently running.

	      Display verbose ouput

	      Display usage

EXAMPLE -Z instance1 -D 'cn=directory manager' -j /tmp/pw.txt -b
       'dc=example,dc=com' -r 87 -P STARTTLS

	      Note: security must be enabled to	 use  protocol	STARTTLS.   If
	      STARTTLS	is  not	 available  it	will  default  to next strong‐
	      est/available protocol automatically. -j /export/rootdnpw.txt -b 'dc=example,dc=com' -A -r 87

       Exit status is zero if no errors occur.	Errors result  in  a  non-zero
       exit status and a diagnostic message being written to standard error.

AUTHOR was written by the 389 Project.

       Report bugs to

       Copyright © 2013 Red Hat, Inc.

				  Mar 5, 2013		     CLEANALLRUV.PL(8)

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