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cmexec(1m)							    cmexec(1m)

       cmexec - Execute process on a remote Serviceguard node.

       cmexec node_name [-o outfile] [-t timeout]
		       {[command] | [-k cmd_label]}

       cmexec  will execute a process on a remote Serviceguard node and return
       any output or return value.

       cmexec is limited in several ways. cmexec is best suited for situations
       where  other  remote execution facilities are not available. For a more
       full featured tool for remote execution within a cluster, see cexec(1m)
       provided by Distributed Systems Administration Utilities.

       To  use	this command, the local user must have the root access role on
       the remote node. For more information on	 Serviceguard  access  control
       policies, see the manual, Managing Serviceguard.

       The  command will be executed in an environment which matches the local
       node.  All environment variables defined locally will be	 available  on
       the remote node.

       Output  from  stderr and stdout for the remote process will be combined
       and delivered in one transmission. This command should not be used  for
       interactive  commands or commands which will return large quantities of

       Input via stdin is not supported.

       Killing the cmexec process does not stop the remote  execution  of  the
       command.	 cmexec should not be used on any command which may hang with‐
       out specifying a timeout value.

   Options And Arguments
       cmexec supports the following arguments:

	      -o outfile
		   Write output to the specified file instead of stdout.

	      -t timeout
		   Kill the executed command if it does not  exit  within  the
		   specified timeout (in seconds)

		   Serviceguard node to execute command on.

		   Command to execute on remote node. May be quoted.

	      -k cmd_label
		   This	 option is only supported for applications provided by

       cmexec returns the exit value for the remote command or 1 if there  was
       an error communicating with the Serviceguard node.

       Execute an 'ls' in a remote directory.

	      cmexec node ls /tmp

       cmexec was developed by HP.

       rsh(1),	  ssh(1),    cexec(1m),	   cmcp(1m),   cmdo(1m),   cmsync(1m),
       cmquerycl(1m), cmviewcl(1m)

		    Requires Optional Serviceguard Software	    cmexec(1m)

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