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cmgetpkgenv(1m)						       cmgetpkgenv(1m)

       cmgetpkgenv  -  get  the configured environment for a high availability

       cmgetpkgenv package_name

       cmgetpkgenv retrieves configured attributes of  the  high  availability
       Serviceguard package named by package_name and writes them to the stan‐
       dard output in form usable by the POSIX Shell. It is used by the	 pack‐
       age  run	 and  halt  script  to determine the packages's start and stop

       The output for a pre-11.18 style non CVM Version 4.1 package  does  not
       display any configured attributes. The command will display an informa‐
       tional message and return an error condition occurred.

       To use cmgetpkgenv, a user must either be a  superuser  with  effective
       user ID of zero (see id(1) and su(1)), or have an access policy of MON‐
       ITOR allowed in the cluster or package configuration file.  See	access
       policy in cmquerycl(1m) or cmmakepkg(1m)

       cmgetpkgenv returns the following value:

	       0   Successful completion.
	      >0   Error condition occurred.

       cmgetpkgenv was developed by HP.

       cmhaltpkg(1m),	   cmmakepkg(1m),     cmquerycl(1m),	 cmrunpkg(1m),
       cmviewcl(1m), sh(1).

		    Requires Optional Serviceguard Software    cmgetpkgenv(1m)

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