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cmmodnet(1m)							  cmmodnet(1m)

       cmmodnet	 - add or remove an address or check whether an address can be
       added to a subnet or enable or disable a LAN interface in a high avail‐
       ability cluster

       cmmodnet	 [-v]  {-a|-r|-t} -i { IPv4_address IPv4_subnet | IPv6_address

       cmmodnet [-v] {-d|-e}  LAN_name

       cmmodnet is used in certain high availability utilities, such as	 pack‐
       age  control  scripts and SGeRAC utility scripts for VIP management, to
       add or remove an IPv4 or IPv6 address to or from network interface con‐
       nected  to the subnet identified by subnet_name.	 In addition, cmmodnet
       can be used to check if an IPv4 or IPv6 address can  be	added  to  the
       given subnet identified by subnet_name.

       cmmodnet	 can  also  be	used to disable or enable a LAN interface cur‐
       rently configured in a cluster.	HP-UX  examples	 of  LAN_name  can  be
       lan0,  lan1;  Linux examples of LAN_name can be eth0, bond0.  This com‐
       mand simulates a LAN interface failure or recovery in the cluster with‐
       out changing the physical status of the interface.

       cmmodnet requires the user be a superuser(UID=0) or have an access pol‐
       icy of FULL_ADMIN allowed in the cluster configuration file.  Non-supe‐
       rusers  may  only  use this command to remove IP addresses.  See access
       policy in cmquerycl (1m) or cmmakepkg (1m).

       Extreme caution should be exercised when executing  this	 command  (for
       puposes	other  than checking) outside the context of a package control
       script or SGeRAC utility script. In this capacity  it  should  only  be
       used to remove the relocatable IPv4 or IPv6 addresses of packages which
       have failed and are in the "halted" state or to disable	and  enable  a
       LAN interface when absolutely necessary.	 Using it while the package is
       running could lead to loss of client connectivity.

       The user needs to make sure that an IPv6 subnet must  be	 either	 site-
       local or global and must not be link-local.

       cmmodnet supports the following options:

	      -v   Verbose output will be displayed.

	      -a   Add	 the  IPv4_address  to	the  IPv4_subnet  or  add  the
		   IPv6_address to the IPv6_subnet

	      -r   Remove the IPv4_address from the IPv4_subnet or remove  the
		   IPv6_address from the IPv6_subnet

	      -t   Check  only. Checks if the IPv4_address can be added to the
		   IPv4_subnet or checks if the IPv6_address can be  added  to
		   the IPv6_subnet

	      -i   IPv4_Address or IPv6_address

	      Use  the IP address given for the operation.  This is a required

	      -d     Disable LAN interface configured in  the  cluster.	  This
		     option  simulates the LAN interface failure without actu‐
		     ally bringing the interface down.	There is no  immediate
		     effect if the LAN interface is already disabled or physi‐
		     cally down.

		     This option allows failover of IP addresses configured in
		     this LAN interface to an available standby interface (HP-
		     UX only).	If no standby is available (HP-UX and  Linux),
		     the  subnet(s)  on	 this interface will virtually go down
		     and packages monitoring the  subnet(s)  will  be  brought
		     down or switched to another node; in the worst case a TOC
		     could result if this is a failfast package.  This	option
		     also  implies  that  there is no effect on recovery of IP
		     addresses and subnet(s) on	 this  LAN  interface  if  the
		     physical status of the interface changes at later time.

	      -e     Enable  LAN  interface  configured	 in the cluster.  This
		     option simulates a LAN interface recovery from previously
		     disabled  state.  There is no immediate effect if the LAN
		     interface is already enabled or physically down.

       cmmodnet returns the following values:

	       0   Successful completion.
	       1   Command failed.

       cmmodnet was developed by HP.

       cmhaltserv(1m), cmmakepkg(1m), cmquerycl(1m), cmrunserv(1m).

		    Requires Optional Serviceguard Software	  cmmodnet(1m)

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