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config(8)							     config(8)

       config - build system configuration files

       /etc/config [-p] [-s] config_file

       The  command  builds  a	set of system configuration files from a short
       file that describes the sort of system that is  being  configured.   It
       also takes as input a file that tells what files are needed to generate
       a system.  This can be augmented by a  configuration  specific  set  of
       files that give alternate files for a specific machine.	(See the Files
       section.)  If the -p option is supplied, will configure	a  system  for
       profiling.   You	 must  have  sources to use the -p option.  Use the -s
       option when building a kernel from sources.  For	 further  information,
       see and

       The  command  should  be run from the subdirectory of the system source
       (usually ).  The command assumes that there is already a directory cre‐
       ated  and  it places all its output files in there.  The output of con‐
       sists of a number files: contains a description of what I/O devices are
       attached	 to  the  system, contains a set of interrupt service routines
       for devices attached to the UNIBUS, and is a file used by  in  building
       the  system;  a set of header files which contain the number of various
       devices that will be compiled into the system; and a set of  swap  con‐
       figuration  files  which	 contain  definitions for the disk areas to be
       used for swapping, the root file system, argument processing, and  sys‐
       tem dumps.

       After  running  it  is  necessary to run in the directory where the new
       makefile was created.  The command reminds you of  this	when  it  com‐

       If you get any other error messages from you should fix the problems in
       your configuration file and try again.  If you try to compile a	system
       that had configuration errors, you will likely meet with failure.

       The line numbers reported in error messages are usually off by one.

       Generic makefile for the VAX

       List of common files system is built from

       List of VAX specific files

       Name to major device mapping file for the VAX

       List of files specific to ERNIE system

       List of known file systems

See Also
       The Syntax portion of each device in Section 4.
       ULTRIX Supplementary Documents, Volume 3: System Manager

				      VAX			     config(8)

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