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conflict(8mh)							 conflict(8mh)

       conflict - search for alias/password conflicts

       /usr/lib/mh/conflict  [	-help ] [ -mail name ] [ -search directory ] [
       aliasfiles ...  ]

       The program checks to see if the interface  between  MH	and  transport
       system  is in good shape.  It also checks for maildrops in which do not
       belong to a valid user.	It assumes that no user name will start with a
       dot (.)	and thus ignores files in which begin with a dot.

       The program checks the entries in the specified alias files.  It parses
       the entries in the same way that would, and outputs any errors which it
       finds.	The  program can be used to check the entries in a user's per‐
       sonal alias file, or in the system alias file,  If  no  alias  file  is
       specified, checks the system alias file.

       The  program  also checks the file for entries which do not belong to a
       valid user, and for users who do not have a  valid  group  number.   In
       addition, duplicate users and groups are noted.

       The  program  should  be	 run under or whenever system accounting takes

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

       -mail name
		 Mails the results to  the  specified  name.   Otherwise,  the
		 results are sent to the standard output.

       -search directory
		 Searches  directories	other  than  and  reports anomalies in
		 those directories.  The -search switch can appear  more  than
		 once in an invocation to with different directories named.

       The system customization file.

       The system password file.

       The system group file.

       Program used to mail results, if the
		 -mail option is used.

       Directory containing users' maildrops.

See Also
       mh-alias(5mh), cron(8)


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