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context_new(3)		   SELinux API documentation		context_new(3)

       context_new,    context_str,   context_free,   context_type_get,	  con‐
       text_type_set,  context_range_get,  context_range_set,context_role_get,
       context_role_set,  context_user_get,  context_user_set  -  Routines  to
       manipulate SELinux security contexts

       #include <selinux/context.h>

       context_t context_new(const char *context_str);

       const char * context_str(context_t con);

       void context_free(context_t con);

       const char * context_type_get(context_t con);

       const char * context_range_get(context_t con);

       const char * context_role_get(context_t con);

       const char * context_user_get(context_t con);

       int context_type_set(context_t con, const char *type);

       int context_range_set(context_t con, const char *range);

       int context_role_set(context_t con, const char *role);

       int context_user_set(context_t con, const char *user);

       These functions allow an application to	manipulate  the	 fields	 of  a
       security	 context string without requiring it to know the format of the

       context_new() returns a new context initialized to a context string.

       context_str() returns a pointer to the string value of  the  context_t,
       valid  until  the  next call to context_str() or context_free() for the
       same context_t*.

       context_free() frees the storage used by a context.

       context_type_get(),	context_range_get(),	   context_role_get(),
       context_user_get()  get a pointer to the string value of a context com‐

       Note: Values returned by the get functions are  only  valid  until  the
       next  call  to  a set function or context_free() for the same context_t

       context_type_set(),	context_range_set(),	   context_role_set(),
       context_user_set() set a context component.

       On failure context_*_set() functions return non-zero and 0 on success.

       The other functions return NULL on failure and non-NULL on success.

       On failure errno is set appropriately.

       selinux(8)	       20 December 2011			context_new(3)

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