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convertfs(1M)							 convertfs(1M)

       convertfs - convert an HFS file system to allow long file names


       The command converts an existing HFS file system supporting the default
       maximum file name length of 14 characters into one that	supports  file
       names  up to 255 characters long.  Once an HFS file system is converted
       to long file names, it cannot be restored to its original state,	 since
       the longer file names require a directory representation that is incom‐
       patible with the default HFS directory format.  Since this is an	 irre‐
       versible	 operation, prompts for verification before it performs a con‐

       forces the system to reboot if the root file system is converted.  When
       converting  the	root  file system, the system should be in single-user
       mode, with all unnecessary processes terminated and all	non-root  file
       systems	unmounted.  Except for the root file system, requires that the
       file system to be converted be unmounted.

       If invoked without arguments, interactively prompts  the	 user  with  a
       list of the HFS file systems from One or more or all of the listed file
       systems can be selected for conversion.	Typically, it is desirable  to
       convert all of the file systems in to avoid inconsistencies between two
       file systems mounted on the same system.

       can also be invoked with an argument of either  a  block	 or  character
       special-file  name  for	a file system to be converted.	Only the block
       special file should be specified for a mounted root file system.

       As part of the conversion process, performs an on each file system (see

	      Do it quietly.
		     will  perform  the conversions without querying the user.
		     Normally prompts the user before converting a  file  sys‐

       returns the following values:

		     Either  successfully  converted  the  file system, or the
		     file system already allowed long file names.

		     was not able to convert the file system due to some fail‐
		     ure in processing.

       was developed by HP.

       Default list of file systems to check.

       fsck(1M), mkfs(1M), newfs(1M), fstab(4).


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