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cos(3M)								       cos(3M)

       cos(), cosf(), cosl(), cosw(), cosq() - cosine functions

   HP Integrity Server Only
       returns the cosine of x (x specified in radians).

       On PA-RISC systems, may lose accuracy when x is far from zero.

       is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result.

   Integrity Server Only
       is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result.

       is an version of it takes an argument and returns an result.

       is equivalent to on HP-UX systems.

       To  use	these functions compile either with the default option or with
       the and the options.

       To use (for Integrity servers) or compile also with the option.

       To use any of these functions, make sure your program includes and link
       in  the	math  library  by specifying on the compiler or linker command

       For more information, see the at the following site:

   PA-RISC Only
       Millicode versions of the and functions are available.  Millicode  ver‐
       sions  of math library functions are usually faster than their counter‐
       parts in the standard library.  To use  these  versions,	 compile  your
       program with the or the optimization option.

       For  special  cases,  the  millicode versions return the same values as
       their standard library counterparts (see the section).

       returns 1.

       If x returns NaN and raises the invalid exception.

       If x is NaN, returns NaN.

       When it raises no other exception, whether raises the inexact exception
       is unspecified.

       No errors are defined.

       acos(3M),  asin(3M),  atan(3M), atan2(3M), ccos(3M), cosd(3M), sin(3M),
       sincos(3M), tan(3M), math(5).

       : SVID3, XPG4.2, ANSI C, ISO/IEC C99 (including Annex  F,  ``IEC	 60559
       floating-point arithmetic'')

       :  ISO/IEC  C99	(including  Annex F, ``IEC 60559 floating-point arith‐


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